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What We Do

Creative Media Centre (CMC) has served its valued clients since 1999. Our philosophy is based on honesty, open communication and total commitment to our clients. We are passionate advocates of fair and open dialog with our clients during the creative process, keeping in mind the purpose of the final product. We use simple language to ensure that substance will not get lost in excessive words, jargon or phrases. Every client is our inspiration, as we understand how difficult it is to survive or even grow business given recent economic events. We are not satisfied until we have fulfilled or even exceeded expectations. This is what we do:

Video is in our DNA. It is our passion. It is our mission. Video is about emotions. It conveys a message using sight, sound and motion and attaches personality to the message. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what must be the power of a video combining hundreds and thousands of individual images? We know the answer: It is huge and we invite you to take advantage of that power to let it grow your business with our help.

Historically, marketing centered on the use of television, radio and print advertising. Today, the Internet has been added to the marketing mix.  It has become a significant tool and channel for the delivery of marketing communication. In using the Internet, you can reach clients and customers virtually free of charge with messages that no one is going to censor or control, something unimaginable when using traditional marketing channels.

We are able to identify, formulate and then translate your message into a visual format with appropriate visual style and language. We are also able to transcribe your message into a series of videos in order to let you establish and maintain long-term communication with your clients. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach to the production of video. Based on our own experience, we can confidently say that video recorded in the office with a web-cam that contains a “talking head” presenting an appropriate message will generate much more exposure than an expensive production that communicates a meaningless one. We can help identify the best way for your business to integrate social video into new or existing online marketing, and boost success.

Let us put it this way: having an online marketing presence in some form is not optional for business, it is a necessity. Despite the fact that business owners are aware of the importance of online marketing, they either have insufficient knowledge, expertise or experience to establish and execute it, or they simply have limited resources available beyond taking care of other crucial aspects of running the business. If a business owner eventually manages to get into online marketing, their efforts very often fail due to an inability to define and implement a clear strategy. As a result, their online marketing efforts lack direction and cohesiveness and fall short of the target.

CMC is here to help you safely embrace online marketing communication without worry. We are able either to guide you through the process of establishing and executing your online communication strategy and thus reduce the learning curve, or we can completely take care of the individual tasks in partnership with you.

We have formulated our own “Plan, Execute and Measure” approach that will provide your specific business with a targeted plan designed to maximize results from online marketing communication.

Through a series of initial discovery sessions, we will learn about your business and determine your expected goals. We then identify budget, appropriate online marketing strategy, determine who is going to be involved and how, quantify the required time for execution and finally establish how and when we are going to measure results of the marketing communication that has been deployed for the business.

We are so confident about our approach that we strongly believe we can boost the efficiency of your existing online marketing communication as well. In this particular case, we examine all existing components of any online marketing already in place, and enhance them with appropriate video content.

Your website is probably the most fundamental component of your online marketing. It is your business’s window online. Your website has to communicate a clear message about your business values and about what differentiates you and makes you stand out from the competition. Your website has to generate traffic, new business leads and revenue. It must do so by combining:

accurate and clear information flow (information architecture)

well executed coding and technical design that is responsive and allows for easy interaction with the users

sophisticated programing components for an enhanced user experience

intelligent graphics user interface (GUI) to comply with common usability standards and best practices

catchy graphic design with multimedia components such as images, animation, videos, etc. to create visual appeal

interactive components which invite and maintain two way communication with your potential or existing clients such as blogs,
discussion forums, etc.

social media components (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implemented on-site to make sure your business is going to be visible
on such search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

We are here to help you with each individual building block mentioned above.

Through a series of initial discovery sessions, we will learn about your business, your short and long-term goals and your overall marketing strategy. If you do not have any marketing strategy in place, we will gladly help you to formulate one. Once we have identified all the components required to build the site, our team approaches the execution and design based on a schedule that will allow your full involvement during the creative process.

If your site is already online and you feel there is a room for improvement in terms of its reach, function, efficiency, performance or appearance, let’s get in touch! We offer assistance with identifying and fixing any existing issues. Through extensive use of our analytical tools, we will check each individual component of your site and suggest appropriate avenues for improvement.

Do you want to maximize your return on investment (ROI) in social media communication and video? Use our innovative approach to integrate components of your social marketing into digital signage. Let your clients notice your online presence when they visit your location, store, shop or when they are passing by your window by making a mental note to search for your business later online, when they get to their browsing. Not only will they go directly to your business knowing what to search for, they will also let your business get notified by search engines, gradually increasing your search engine ranking for free. By deploying digital signage, you expand your online marketing reach with an additional media channel that has a similar effect to a TV or a radio commercial. Every single instance that your message manages to reach a potential client counts. A fundamental problem for those with digital signage is how to generate profit from it. We know the answer – the content displayed on your digital signage is the key.

We seamlessly integrate digital signage with social media and video, offering your business a solution based on a unique, proven and winning combination!

We are proud of our success. We welcome the opportunity to use our extensive experience to assist you in navigating social media communication and video. Whether you require help with establishing your social media communication, in-house production, online video campaign or if you just need to get a second opinion, we are here to help. Please check the “Pricing” section to find out about our fees.


Put us to the test and contact us. If you are passionate about your business, constantly seeking new and exciting ways to communicate with your clients, then we need to get in touch!