Maximize profit from your website by integrating video content

Creative Media Centre (CMC) is a production company with a particular focus on video integration into online marketing communication.

Despite its proven use as a marketing tool and its capacity to generate conversion and revenue, video remains the most overlooked and underutilized component of online marketing. In particular, small and medium sized businesses often do not consider video as part of their online marketing strategy due to:

Common misconceptions about the high cost of production and uncertain return on investment (ROI)

Concerns regarding how to maintain clarity of message throughout individual online marketing components such
as websites, blogs, and social media using video

Technical concerns related to miscellaneous formats, codecs, frame rates, resolutions, aspect ratios, etc.

Uncertainty regarding how to integrate video into an existing mix of individual online marketing components

CMC will address and eliminate such concerns whether you want to produce online videos yourself or have us produce them for you.

Our experience and the success of our clients who have embraced video as a core component of their online marketing proves that video can be the most effective part of online marketing communication.

We have formulated our own “Plan, Execute and Measure” approach that will provide your specific business with a targeted plan designed to maximize results from online marketing communication.

Please feel free to contact us if you require personalized assistance with producing videos as a part of your online marketing strategy or if you feel that money spent on existing communication has not led to tangible results. We can also provide specialized assistance to give your existing marketing communication a boost and a competitive edge using a video. Whether you are a small business or a large organization, whether you have a restricted budget or you are just set to kick off a major online campaign, we have the right solution for you.